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Vind direct uw AKD specialist

Innovation in the legal profession

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Erwin Rademakers

Managing partner

Corporate / M&A

Our managing partner Erwin Rademakers was recently interviewed on BNR News Radio by journalist Paul Van Liempt about the use of new technologies in the legal profession. Is innovation in the legal profession really about innovation or is it just an update of existing processes?


"Innovations in the legal profession that are implemented now through various systems and software are actually an update of business processes rather than true innovations. That's where we are now, but we'll have to make investments – that's what our clients expect from us. We're discussing with our clients how to improve the way we work together and how to do so in a more efficient way," Erwin Rademakers stated during the radio broadcast on BNR.


Click here to listen to the full radio broadcast of 'Juridische Zaken' (in Dutch).








Erwin Rademakers

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