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As one of the world's leading financial centres, Luxembourg was a natural choice for Benelux law firm AKD's latest bureau. Having opened its doors less than a year ago, the company's Luxembourg office is proving a successful addition to the AKD family with its highly experienced team of lawyers and tax specialists, top-level service, and its strong emphasis on customer care. 

At the helm of AKD Luxembourg is partner lawyer Bernard Beerens, a specialist in company law, corporate finance, private equity, mergers and acquisitions and transactional business law. Having previously worked at Allen & Overy and Loyens & Loeff in Luxembourg and New York, Beerens was running his own successful law firm, Beerens & Avocats, until he joined AKD in 2016.

"The prospect of joining AKD was very appealing to us; it's a very dynamic firm," begins Beerens, speaking of his decision to head up AKD Luxembourg. With roots dating back to early 20th century, the AKD group counts 230 lawyers, civil law notaries and tax advisors and is rapidly building its reputation as the leading independent and internationally focused legal and tax advisor for business dealings in the Benelux.

Rapid growth

AKD Luxembourg's story began last June in its current office on Rue du Fort Rheinsheim. At the moment, the team comprises of over 20 lawyers, including four part ners: Bernard Beerens, Cécile Jager, Ayzo van Eysinga and Rutger Zaal. The firm offers a full range of integrated services in various areas, including banking and financial services, capital markets, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and tax law. The company acts regularly as legal counsel to international clients and professionals who do not have a presence in Luxembourg. Substantial growth is expected in the next couple of years, so much so that this year the team will be moving to a new office.

"Just before this summer we will be moving into new premises, where we will have about 1,000 square metres and be able to accommodate about 45 lawyers," explains Beerens. Currently, there is an emphasis on cross-border mergers and acquisitions, finance transactions, tax services and funds-related advice. One area for expansion currently being discussed is investment fund practices, with the expected arrival of an additional partner and a team of around four or five lawyers. 

Truly independent Benelux firm 

Despite the unpredictability in the wake of Brexit and last year's US election result, Beerens is confident that the industry in Luxembourg will continue to thrive. "I think if we look at Luxembourg generally, the expectation is that it will become an even more important financial centre," he asserts. "It's a great country in terms of its legal framework and business environment - the government has always been very pragmatic in adapting its legislation to account for international developments."

With more and more international firms heading to Luxembourg, this means an increasingly competitive environment. As Beerens explains, AKD Luxembourg need not be worried: "15 years ago you had four or five top international law firms in Luxembourg; now you have a significantly larger number. The biggest challenge is to differentiate ourselves from our competitors and I think by being a truly independent Benelux firm we are already standing out from the large international firms that have presence throughout the entire world."

Multi-lingual and multi-national

AKD Luxembourg works with a lot of US and UK international firms who do not have a footprint in Luxembourg, and the company has a very international outlook. Luxembourg's famously diverse population is reflected in AKD Luxembourg's multilingual and multinational staff. 

"We have several different nationalities working here including Chinese, Mexican, French and Dutch," says Beerens, a native Belgian who was born in Luxembourg and has recently adopted the Luxembourg nationality. "It makes a nice work environment and means we can provide our clientele with services in their native language." 

Undivided attention to all clients 

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the AKD Luxembourg philosophy and AKD in general, with all clients being given the same high level of dedication. From mid-size businesses to large private equity firms, all are given the same undivided attention from the team. Clients value the team's responsiveness, in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and constant dedication to achieving their commercial objectives.

"One of our clients mentioned in an interview that we gave them the impression of being our only client. That clearly shows the attention we give to our clients; they are our prime focus when we are providing services to them," smiles Beerens. "Every client matters."

Source: discoverbenelux.com

AKD Luxembourg growing rapidly
‘where every client matters’
Ayzo van Eysinga; Bernard Beerens; Cécile Jager; Rutger Zaal
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