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For more than 20 years, Steven has been assisting clients with thoughtful and responsive counselling. Steven has developed strong client relationships in real estate, retail and commercial litigation. Steven explains to clients the practical implications of the law, as well as the prevailing market standards and expectations, going beyond strictly legal considerations. Prior to joining AKD, Steven was a partner with McGuireWoods LLP for more than 10 years. Steven’s real estate practice focuses on long term projects which often imply a client relocating its headquarters or production facilities. Clients range from large corporations to governments (both local and foreign). Steven advises on diverse transactions, covering the full spectrum of legal instruments available (acquisitions in full ownership, transfers of rights in rem, VAT leases, etc.). In many instances, the transactions also include a construction component as many contracts relate to premises to be developed. Legal 500 has recommended both Steven personally and his real estate practice over the last five consecutive years (2014 till present). Steven has assisted in developing our current retail practice. The practice includes some of the world’s most prestigious brands and covers a broad variety of sectors (clothing, cosmetics, food & beverage, car industry, etc.). The practice captures the entire retail life cycle from developing a network, managing the network (including fair trade practices) and restructuring a network. Steven’s retail practice comprises both developments through third parties (agents, franchisees and distributors), as well as through own operated sales points. Legal 500 has systematically recommended both Steven personally and his retail practice as leading, since reporting on this practice area (2016 till present). Steven’s litigation practice focuses on contractual disputes with an emphasis on termination disputes under distribution agreements. Steven also regularly represents clients in lease renewals, which may include a contentious phase in the event landlord and tenant disagree on the terms of renewal. Typically, Steven’s cases will involve a cross-border component.

Steven Ongena

Steven Ongena





Lawyer; Partner

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Real Estate & Construction








Real Estate & Construction

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