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Pieter Kuypers is a member of the European and Competition Law practice group. He works in Brussels and Breda. He is also a professor at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Pieter advises and represents businesses, government organisations and semi-public bodies in the field of European and Competition Law before the Dutch and European courts. • Pieter specialises in European law, competition law and international private law. Within these fields of law, he focuses in particular on the specific areas of procurement law and state aid law. • Furthermore, Pieter primarily handles cases that centre around such subjects as healthcare, industry, various government bodies and real estate. • Since 1 February 2013 he has been a professor in European and National Procurement Law at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Furthermore, he lectures on the subject of Procurement Law at the Amsterdam School of Real Estate (ASRE) and teaches the Masterclass in Procurement Law at the University of Utrecht. • In addition to his lecturing work, Pieter is a member of the Expert Committee on Procurement, which has the task of acting as a mediator in public tendering procedures and issuing non-binding advice to the parties involved. Pieter’s clients include the Province of Gelderland, ProRail, IT-Staffing, Tilburg City Council and Breda City Council.

Pieter Kuypers

Pieter Kuypers





Lawyer; Partner

+32 2 629 4283


+32 4 96 12 21 94




EU Law, Procurement Law & Competition; Compliance








EU Law, Procurement Law & Competition

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