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Mariëlle van Winden has been working as a lawyer since her graduation. Mariëlle works across the full range of employment law with a special view to issues at the interface of employment and corporate law. She advises national and international clients on complicated and strategic employment law subjects with a focus for remuneration policy, employment-related privacy, (cross-border) reorganizations and restructurings, co-determination law, fraud and compliance related subjects. Marielle is combining this with a rather extensive assistance in the mergers and acquisitions practice of AKD. The cases Marielle is working on are often characterized by complicated aspects of (international) employment law. Since the kind of cases in which Marielle is involved often has a substantial impact on the parties involved, she is aiming for finding sustainable solutions. Marielle combines extensive legal knowledge with the ability to have a clear view on the interests of the parties involved. As a result, Marielle is able to find out of the box solutions for her clients, while practicing law in a hands-on manner. Marielle van Winden graduated in 2007 from the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam (Master Corporate and Employment law, cum laude). In 2012 she finalized advanced employment law studies (Post Academische Leergang Arbeidsrecht “PALA”) at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the University of Amsterdam, cum laude. In addition to her work as a lawyer, Mariëlle also pursues a number of other activities. She writes articles for the Employment Law Newsletter, gives presentations about various aspects of employment law and provided a contribution to a standard employment handbook which is annually published by SDU. Mariëlle is a member of the Association of Employment Law lawyers in the Netherlands (Vereniging van Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland “VAAN”) and the Association of Rotterdam Employment Law Lawyers (Vereniging van Rotterdamse Arbeidsrecht Advocaten “VRAA”).

Mariëlle van Winden - Spaans

Mariëlle van Winden - Spaans




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Employment & Pensions

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