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AKD appoints two new partners and one counsel

Mariëlle van Winden, Robert Hoepel and Selma Baouch

​AKD has appointed two new partners and one counsel: Mariëlle van Winden, Robert Hoepel and Selma Baouch have been promoted as at 1 June 2019. Erwin Rademakers, managing partner of the top 5-law firm, explains that he is delighted about the appointment of these home-grown talents: "Mariëlle, Robert and Selma have, each in their own field of expertise, successfully assisted our clients over the past years and represent a new generation of partners".


Mariëlle van Winden advises national and international clients on strategic employment law issues with a focus on remuneration policy, restructurings, and the international employment of workers. She combines this work with an important role in AKD's M&A practice, and explains: "Employment law is developing rapidly – just think of the whole discussion about permanent versus flexible employment, and issues related to the employment of non-EU workers. The recently passed Dutch Balanced Labour Market Act will bring more clarity on the relationship between permanent and flexible work. This act will not only have an impact on our national clients, but also on our international clients that are active in the Netherlands. My challenge is to assess the changes resulting from the new legislation in concrete situations for each client and to contribute ultimately to shaping the labour market of the future".

Robert Hoepel is a dispute resolution lawyer specialised in marine and energy insurance and shipping disputes. He acts for ship owners and their insurers, both H&M and P&I, in relation to collision, salvage, shipbuilding and wreck removal. "My challenge is to assist our clients in complex legal proceedings and arbitrations, and to act on occasion as a 'legal fireman' immediately after an incident. After a collision, for example, AKD is able to provide integrated solutions to clients by offering a wide range of expertise in different fields, such as assisting the crew, advising on liability, and determining an international litigation strategy. We actively exchange ideas with clients when crucial decisions have to be taken under enormous pressure. I really enjoy all these aspects of my work as a lawyer for international clients!" 


Selma Baouch specialises in private equity and venture capital, with her main focus on corporate transactions in the field of health care. She advises private equity companies and venture capital investors in their first or subsequent rounds and in exits. She also assists target companies and founders on a regular basis.


"AKD continually adapts to changing markets", Erwin Rademakers continues. "Today's solutions may not work for solving tomorrow's issues. Moreover, the way in which we work together with our clients also changes – just think of new technologies, and then I'm not even talking about artificial intelligence, which will play a key role in the future. Mariëlle, Robert and Selma represent our new generation of partners and counsel, and I'm confident that these appointments are another step towards our firm's strong future," says AKD's managing partner.