Find your AKD specialist

Find your AKD specialist


New: download the whitepaper 'How to terminate a distribution contract under Dutch law'

​​​​​This whitepaper provides a guideline on how best to terminate a distributor agreement that is governed by Dutch law.

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Practical tools related to European and Competition Law

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AKD Young Business Club Event

‘Entrepreneurship & Innovation’

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 Close cooperation

At AKD, we attach a great deal of importance to cooperation and personal contacts. By appointing a dedicated contact person for each of our clients, we provide the right advice in the most efficient way. All our lawyers and partners have a no-nonsense approach and can be contacted directly.


 Legal areas

Our in-depth expertise in practically all legal areas enables us to stand out on the market, where specialisation is the norm. AKD works in a wide range of legal and tax areas so that we can assist you in a number of different fields. 


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​Our clients mainly come from large and medium-sized organisations. Our international customers rely on our experience in international transactions and our worldwide networks. As far as all these organisations are concerned, our aim is the same: achieving the very best legal and tax solutions.​​

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